Values, Mission & Vision

Values & Beliefs

Because UNIS Hanoi values LEARNING, UNIS Hanoi believes that we:

  • Learn, think and reflect critically in an inspiring environment, using a dynamic curriculum that exceeds international standards;
  • Use and apply knowledge in the classroom and beyond for life-long personal development, as we strive for happy, balanced lives;
  • Question and research collaboratively to seek innovative solutions for local and global issues.

Because UNIS Hanoi values COMMUNITY, UNIS Hanoi believes that we:

  • Pro-actively connect with others to make supportive, long-lasting and diverse friendships;
  • Take action to create a safe, caring, and sustainable environment;
  • Respect and appreciate diverse cultures, beliefs and languages to deepen our understanding of local and global issues.

Because UNIS Hanoi values RESPONSIBILITY, UNIS Hanoi believes that we:

  • Act with integrity to make and defend reasoned decisions based on respect, compassion and fairness;
  • Take ownership and are accountable for our thoughts, actions and their consequences;
  • Face challenges with courage, resilience and an independent spirit, whilst remaining responsive and adaptable to change.


Mission & Guiding Principles

"Our mission is to encourage students to be independent, lifelong learners who strive for excellence and become responsible stewards of our global society and natural environment, achieved within a supportive community that values diversity and through a programme reflecting the ideals and principles of the United Nations."

The United Nations principles as applied to the school are to:

  • Promote peaceful solutions to problems.
  • Develop friendly relations among children and adults of different nationalities.
  • Promote cooperation in problem solving in economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian matters.
  • Encourage respect for fundamental freedoms and equality for all, without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion.
"Our learning community will be an inspirational role model for a better world"


Strategy 2020

Every good school has great ambitions for their students’ learning, and this year UNIS Hanoi will embark on a new five-year strategic plan - Strategy 2020.

This plan, led by the Board of Directors, will build on the work of the 2010-2015 Strategic Management Plan and ensure that our Values of Learning, Community and Responsibility both inspire and underline all that we undertake in the pursuit of our Vision for your children.

Strategy 2020 has three goals:

A1. Student Learning
A2. Systems for Learning
A3. Learning Environments

B1. Identity
B2. Connectivity
B3. Learning Community

C1. Individual and Collective Responsibility


  • United Nations International School of Hanoi
  • G9 Ciputra
  • Tay Ho
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
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